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Short and Sweet Volume VI: Small Lever Free Harp Solos  $4.00    22 string lever harp music

This collection includes 11 pieces of varying levels of difficulty, all configured for harps with no levers, like Harpsicles, 22 strings and larger (bottom note of C) tuned in the key of C. You'll find music for weddings, worship and just plain fun included in this versatile set.

cover art included

Ode to Joy, theme from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
    This includes the "Build Your Own Variations" in the key of C only.
Be Thou My Vision (Slane)
    Skill Building Solo only, lever free version
Wedding Joy (two versions), Fackler
Waltz in A, Carulli
Silent Night
The Queen's Marsh, traditional Welsh
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent
        Skill Building Solo only
Pavane d'Espagne (recorded on Pleasantries & Diversions)   used in the video: The Lilies of the Fields
Saltarello, Galilei (simpified only) (original version recorded on Pleasantries & Diversions)
Brandenburg Concerto No. 1, Bach

Wedding Joy, beginning harp soloWedding Joy, sheet music for beginning harpists

Be Thou My Vision for 22 string harps, sheet music for Harpsicle size harpsRenaissance music for 22 string harps like Harpsicles