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Classical music for lever and pedal harp

digital sheet music
Flower Duet Song from Lakme (Delibes)
 hymn sheet music for pedal harp  

    The Flower Duet Song began its life as part of opera and is still a favorite of opera fans. It gained wider popularity when Yanni based his "Aria" on which was performed as part of his Live At The Acropolis concert, widely broadcast on PBS.  It's been used in British Airways and Ghiradrdelli commercials, several movies and has been recorded by Charlotte Church. This has been a popular request for weddings in the last few years.  listen here  zip archive 288 KB

This set includes 5 versions:

pedal harp: in the original key of B (5 sharps)
lever harp with full levers (minimum of 26 strings, G-d)  transposed to key of C
lever harp with levers on F, C, B (minimum of 26 strings, G-d)  transposed to key of D
lever harp with full levers (minimum of 26 strings, C-g)  transposed to key of C
lever harp with levers on F, C, B (minimum of 26 strings, C-g)  transposed to key of D

Each version is two pages in length.  Some fingerings are suggested with some hints listed below on this page. Pedals and levers are clearly marked. It is possible to play all the thirds with 1 and 2, a less complicated fingering than included in the music. This option is sometimes easier on a medium or low tension instrument than it would be on a high tension pedal harp. Cover art is included.
Sheet music for Lakme's Flower Duet Song
sheet music for lever harp and pedal harp: Delibes: Flower Duet Song
free fingering hints for harpists - sheet music

free lever changing hints for harp sheet music