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Christmas Sheet Music for Lever and Pedal Harps

Silent Night, Holy Night $6.00

Listen: advanced version(sampled harp): mp3

Listen: easy version(sampled harp: mp3)

Includes thee versions: one with very few intervals larger than a third, another that requires mastery of sixths as well (each with two "verses" and an advanced version of three "verses".

Students may learn the easier version (or the first page of that version) the first year and add a more difficult version the next. Most of my students keep these in their repertoire for years adding variations as they progress. Notice that the RH of the advanced version is virtually the same as the RH of the earlier version, just moved up an octave. Learning the more advanced version doesn't mean everything is new. Because you'll already know some of it, learning the adanced version is much easier than starting over with a brand new arrangement.

Offered in the key of C so that many other versions, like the one in Sylvia Woods' book, may be paired with this to create a longer solo or used with a harp circle. Each version is also offered in the key of B flat to match the key commonly used in hymnals, allowing the harp to accompany congregational singing. The advanced version includes changes and there is a lead sheet of the advanced version (in both keys) included as well.

Slightly different versions are available for harp and violin, viola or cello and for horn and harp.